Ready-to-use courses for corporate trainings

Evolve App boasts an extensive library of built-in courses that are designed to complement your company's existing training programs.

Ready-to-use courses for corporate trainings

Most wanted corporate trainings
on soft skills development

Top courses on communication, leadership, teamwork and other soft skills, crucial for modern business

85% of job success comes from well-developed soft skills, and only 15% from hard skills and knowledge*

We focus on soft skills essential for team work

complement your trainings

Communication skills to work effectively in teams, with partners and customers

Leadership, product-vision, ownership and problem-solving skills

Cooperation within diversionary teams and productive relationships

*Research study conducted by Harvard University in conjunction with the Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Center

Top authors for communication, leadership, collaboration and other soft skills

We provide courses from 15+ top minds and award winning authors

  • Moty Cristal
    professional negotiator, professor
    Professional negotiator. Professor. Mr. Cristal is a Lt. Colonel (R.) in the IDF, with extensive operational experience in crisis negotiation, and lectures worldwide on negotiation and complex negotiation management. In recent years, Mr Cristal expanded this skills set to deal with crises in the cyber world and negotiating with cyber criminals in various ransomware and extortion situations. Moty Cristal provides his services in negotiations to biggest companies world-wide.
  • Kris Roppelt
    international soft skills consultant
    Offers services to globalizing businesses and leaders, international organizations, corporations, and educational institutions. Kris supports communications of private clients and organizations all over the world in becoming more globally integrated in the world economy.
    Kris Roppelt trains in intercultural communication and foreign languages, moderates intercultural groups and develops international potential in companies.
  • Simon Horton
    lead expert
    World-leading expert in the field of negotiation and influence.
    He has spent 20 years working in the field, across more than 25 countries.
    Simon has taught managers and senior executives of the most successful companies in the world. Works with biggest leading universities, including the Said Business School, Oxford University, Imperial College and the Royal College of Art.
And more experts in soft skills,
scrupulously pre-selected
In communications, leadership collaboration and other soft skills
And more experts
for their extensive knowledge, hands-on experience, and proven track record in their respective fields

Each course is meticulously crafted to engage employees, providing with the skill set they can apply in own roles

Designed to engage your teams

complement your trainings
Practical assignments that are directly related to employee's daily work
Motivation mechanics, aimed at encouraging employees towards self-improvement
Essential skills, relevant to professional life and invaluable in personal

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