Introducing Evolve App - Innovative learning platform for interactive training experience

Transform your educational materials into interactive and memorable experience, covered by comprehensive analytics and valuable insights

Transform static training materials into interactive sessions

Enroll employees in courses through an easy-to-use platform

Get comprehensive analytics
and valuable insights

It transforms video or static materials into interactive sessions, providing in-depth analytics

Innovative learning platform

Onboarding: Streamline your onboarding process

Trainings: Deliver effective and engaging trainings

Development: Enhance skills and performance

Don't settle for ineffective training methods!

Don't settle for ineffective
training methods!

Revolutionize your corporate training experience with Evolve App

Time we transform your content
Boost of knowledge retention
Out of 5 client satisfaction rate

We know the effort it takes to get employees trained

Evolve platform is designed to transform static training programs into engaging, interactive learning experiences to keep your employees motivated and engaged, ensuring high completion rates.

By leveraging these tools and incorporating gamification elements, Evolve App ensures that training is not only effective but also enjoyable, leading to higher completion rates and a more engaged workforce.

In other words...
Structured user journey
Course selection
Chat and collaboration
Assignments and quizzes
Further development
Interactive micro-activities
Certificate of completion
Transform your first static materials
in just 24 hours!

The platform provides HR and L&D experts with detailed analytics on the effectiveness of each course, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.

User-friendly L&D admin panel and comprehensive analytics

Detailed training report provided after each course

An in-depth analysis of each course effectiveness, valuable insights on your employees' strengths and weaknesses, and overall recommendations, all prepared by our Learning & Development experts.

Numerous advantages for HR and L&D professionals:

Time-saving: Streamline your company onboarding process and training programs. The platform automates reminders, allowing HR to focus on strategic initiatives and employee development.

Comprehensive analytics: User-friendly admin panel to track employee progress and detailed reports with insights on improvement areas to make data-driven decisions and enhance training programs.

Knowledge retention: The interactive and engaging nature of Evolve App ensures that employees absorb training content effectively, resulting in improved knowledge retention and skill development.

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