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It all started with a brief demo. I was curious to understand the functionalities that Evolve offers to captivate employees during training sessions.
In less than a day, we transformed our first course into an interactive session. Upon testing it with my team, we were impressed by the results - it was an engaging experience with lots of practice. For the first time in my career, all our mandatory training programs, now revamped with Evolve, are being completed well ahead of the deadline.
Alexandra Kern
Learning & Development Manager, Wish
E-commerce platform, specializes in offering a wide range of products globally.
With a workforce spread across various regions, ensuring consistent and effective customer service training became a significant challenge.
Offers a luxury beauty experience consisting of high-quality makeup at an accessible price point. SHEGLAM aimed to enhance its employees' product knowledge, customer service skills, and adapt to the dynamic trends of the beauty industry.
Ingredients Online is the premier e-commerce marketplace for bulk and wholesale ingredients.
To maintain reliability and value it was crucial to train teams on supply chain complexities, industry-specific needs and regulatory standards.
High-tech construction materials manufacturing.

Tech Tube LTD strives to maintain the highest safety standards while introducing innovative manufacturing technologies.

Innovative tool that breathes life into corporate trainings

Сonvert long-form articles into easy-to-digest topics

Replace basic videos with famous movies snippets

Evolve transforms corporate trainings into interactive courses, ensuring inspiring learning process

Transform monotonous tests into interactive tasks

Supplement statistical data with real-life examples

Foster a sense of community with online chat activities

Transform your first static materials

in just 24 hours!
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