Evolve x Ingredients Online
Challenge: Maintaining team proficiency in platform features, supply chain intricacies, and industry needs, along with staying current with regulatory norms and market trends to ensure platform reliability and value.
As our company grew and diversified, it became clear that our existing training methods were no longer sufficient. We needed a more comprehensive and engaging approach. Furthermore, with the constant changes in regulatory standards and market trends, it was crucial to have an adaptive, easy to use platform with up-to-date information.
Ferras Handro
Business Controller, Ingredients Online

Our microlearning platform tailored a solution for Ingredients Online, focusing on creating concise, engaging educational content that covered a wide array of topics relevant to their operations and the industries they serve.


  • Platform navigation
    Developed interactive simulations that guided employees through the various features of the Ingredients Online platform. These simulations helped employees understand how to efficiently use the platform to serve customers better and support suppliers in listing their products.
  • Supply chain transparency modules
    Another solution was to create modules that delved into the importance of supply chain transparency, including the origin of ingredients, quality control measures, and the documentation process. These modules emphasized the platform's value in providing peace of mind to users.
  • Industry-specific
    Introduced specialized training content tailored to the dietary supplement, food & beverage, cosmetic, and animal nutrition industries. This content included regulatory compliance, market trends, and ingredient innovations to ensure the team could provide expert advice and support to platform users.
  • Engagement and gamification features
    Incorporated elements of gamification, such as achievement badges and progress tracking, to motivate employees to engage with the training content regularly. Real-life case studies of successful sourcing stories were also included to highlight the platform's impact.
  • Constant updates and feedback loop
    Ensured content regularly updates with the latest industry news, regulatory changes, and platform enhancements. A feedback loop was established, allowing employees to submit suggestions for content improvements and share insights from their interactions with users.
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Results in numbers

Ingredients Online reported a 21% increase in employee efficiency in navigating and utilizing the platform features within six months.

Customer satisfaction scores rise by 14%, reflecting the improved quality of interaction and support.

Implementing EvolveApp has been a pivotal step in our mission to provide unparalleled transparency and efficiency in supply chain sourcing. Our team is now better equipped to navigate our platform, understand our users' industries, and communicate the value of our services effectively. This training solution has not only boosted our internal capabilities but also elevated the user experience, reinforcing our position as a leader in online ingredient sourcing
Ferras Handro
Business Controller, Ingredients Online

Together with Ingredients Online Evolve created a concise, engaging educational content covering a wide array of topics relevant to their operations and the industries they serve.

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