Our mission is to empower organizations to train their partners, customers, and the entire value chain

Extended enterprise learning platform for your organization

Train your workforce

Ensure teams are well-equipped to perform their roles effectively

Designed to facilitate effective workforce training, Evolve provides comprehensive solution for

Business streamlined solution

complement your trainings
New employees onboarding allowing to create a welcoming and informative experience for new hires
Custom training modules from product demonstrations to role play scenarios
Comprehensive continuous growth and employee development, including skills expansion

Evolve seamlessly integrates between mobile and web platforms, allowing users to start off their training at the office and finish it on the move. This ensures uninterrupted learning, anytime and anywhere.

Mobile app
provides flexible learning on the go, making it a perfect tool for field teams who are constantly moving and need access to training materials anytime, anywhere
Web version
Designed for office personnel, providing a comprehensive learning platform that can be accessed conveniently from any workstation

Use custom modules to ensure that each team member is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their role effectively

Customize your training to fit the business needs

Learn how Evolve extended enterprise LMS can transform your training
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Comprehensive features for enterprise learning success

Create training modules tailored to the needs of your employees

  • Centralized dashboard
    A single platform where all learning materials and courses can be accessed, enhancing the ease of use
  • Adaptive learning
    Use of AI to provide personalized learning experiences based on individual learner's progress
  • Microlearning
    Breaking down complex topics into manageable chunks that can be learned in a short span of time
  • Multimedia content
    Use of various forms of media to deliver engaging and diverse learning content
  • Real-time feedback
    Instant feedback on assignments to help employees understand their strengths and potentials
  • Social learning features
    Discussion boards, peer reviews, and group projects to encourage collaborative learning

Train partners, customers and your value chain with one LMS

Manage consistency in the quality of services and operations across the value chain

Train your entire value chain with our enterprise LMS software. Explore our case studies to understand how an extended enterprise LMS can revolutionize your training efforts across your organization. Pricing options and free trials are available for you to experience firsthand the transformative impact of our solution

Enhance understanding and usage of products or services, improving customer satisfaction and loyalty

Tailored training modules

complement your trainings
Train retail partners on unique selling points, and how to effectively sell them to customers
Train franchisees on operational procedures, brand guidelines, and customer service standards
Train customer support on handling inquiries and improving customer satisfaction

Boost productivity and collaboration across your ecosystem

Create customized training modules tailored to the needs of your employees

Centralized platform for training
Unified hub for education and skill enhancement ensures all team members have the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their jobs effectively, thereby increasing productivity
Tracking features for progress
Tracking features allow managers to identify areas where employees may need additional support or training, enabling them to proactively address these issues before they impact productivity
Shared learning experience
Employees are engaged in interactive training modules together. This helps to foster collaboration, build stronger bonds, enhance collaborative problem-solving skills, and create a more cohesive business ecosystem
Organized training system
Standardized training processes helps ensure that everyone is on the same page, streamlining workflows. It enhances collaboration, boosts productivity and cooperation.

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