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25 lessons

Join the 14-days Advanced Negotiations challenge and
learn how to manage conflicts, build relationships and negotiate like a pro!

How it works
Useful information, structured in short posts with video
Practice new material with exercises and entertaining video tasks
For discussions, questions and communication with other participants
What you’ll learn:
  • How to develop a strategy and get yourself prepared to any kind of negotiations
  • When to propose first and is it worth using your power
  • Ways to find personal approach even to the most difficult people and persuade others
  • Rejecting offers and closing negotiations on your terms
  • How to create solutions and alternatives, identify zones of possible agreement
  • Ways to act confident in conflicts and build useful relationships with people
Meet the challenge author
Moty Cristal
Professional negotiator. Professor. Mr. Cristal is a Lt. Colonel (R.) in the IDF, with extensive operational experience in crisis negotiation, and lectures worldwide on negotiation and complex negotiation management.

In recent years, Mr Cristal expanded this skills set to deal with crises in the cyber world and negotiating with cyber criminals in various ransomware and extortion situations. Moty Cristal provides his services in negotiations to biggest companies world-wide.

Who is this challenge for?
  • -1-

    You will master effective negotiation techniques and improve communication skills for both personal and business purposes.

  • -2-
    Team leaders

    Learn how to effectively and decisively achieve your goals in negotiations with colleagues, teams, clients and business partners.

  • -3-


    You will learn how to negotiate productively even in complex situations, resolve conflicts and make profitable deals with partners of any level.

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the course
Learn how to manage conflicts, build relationships and negotiate like a pro!
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