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Small talk excellence

Companies willing to invest in sales training are 57% more effective than rival companies that make no such investments.
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    Online self-education, just 15 min a day
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How to overcome communication barriers and create a favorable atmosphere for business negotiations?

Welcome to this online course
dedicated to small talk!

In this learn & practice course employees will develop communication skills, establish new connections and foster intercultural awareness

  • Business Communication
    Overcome communication barriers and create a favorable atmosphere for business negotiations
  • Global Communication
    Learn to connect effortlessly with people from different backgrounds by boosting intercultural awareness
  • Building Trust
    Elevate conversational game with daily tasks and theory designed to supercharge employees' small talk skills
  • Network Power
    Forge genuine connections for life — perfect for mentors and professional growth
  • Leadership and Confidence
    Embrace challenges that push you out of your comfort zone, building your confidence
  • Daily Practice
    Develop a habit of effective communication through guided tasks, setting you up for long-term success
How the course goes
We know the effort it takes to get employees trained.
That is why we designed Evolve app with game mechanics. It's like a TikTok with educational content. Lessons are packed in short videos, while tasks are peppered with entertaining twists.
Employees sign up
To your company branded course
Learn the topic
Through interactive daily micro-activities
Complete assignments
And develop new skills through smart gamification
Take surveys
Collect data on employee feedback
Social intranet
Builds trust and creates stronger teams
Final results
Course summary and employee leaderboard
Get certificates
Issued after the whole course is completed
Deep data analytics
HR report with teams analytics and recommendations
The course is divided into small bits with daily tasks, taking a few minutes to keep employees engaged
Social interaction
Employees communicate, collaborate and progress together, even sharing their answers with other co-workers

The course program is divided in 5 sections,
each with a practical assignment

In every section participants learn useful theory via daily video lessons, as well as complete tasks and exercises to develop small talk. Obligatory tasks must be completed before moving on to the next sections. This high-stakes format ensures your full commitment and dedication, pushing you to make the most of every opportunity for growth.

7 days
Course runs online
Take it when convenient
10 lessons
Daily short video
lessons make it easy to learn
14 tasks
Develop new skills and
implement them right away
Each day of this course employees will take a deep dive into a piece of theory and a task designed to enhance your small talk abilities
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Who is this course for?
  • Tech teams

    Who work independently or remotely and feel lack of involvement

  • Sales people and representatives

    Who travel abroad, working with international partners and customers

  • Juniors

    Who just started their careers and are looking to improve communication skills


Meet the course author

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and take your communication skills to unprecedented heights

Kris Roppelt
International soft skills consultant
An international communication and soft skills consultant, tutor, entrepreneur, and simultaneous interpreter. Kris works with businesses and leaders, international organizations, corporations and educational institutions all over the world to help them go global. Holds a degree in Global Governance and Global Ethics from the University of London. Through consultancy and tutoring, has collaborated with renowned organizations spanning the globe, including the likes of GreenPeace and the United Nations.

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