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Negotiators in business are often pictured as tough argument winners.

Being able to close a high-value deal while still benefitting the other party is vital to business success.

Welcome to this online course
dedicated to negotiation skills!

Through relevant trainings employees will acquire a variety of relationship management skills that will help to maintain a stable, healthy atmosphere in your office.

  • Building Relationships

    Form strong bonds with colleagues, partners or clients, securing mutually beneficial interests

  • Strong communication
    Add meaningfully to a conversation by listening, accurately identifying roots and tailoring your response
  • Develop confidence
    Craft effective pitches based on in-depth understanding of negotiation partners, overcoming common blocks
  • Creating Win-Win situations

    Learn how to add value and make the other party walk out thinking that the deal was a good one

  • Conflict resolution
    Acquire the essential problem-solving tool to re-establish unity through structured, peaceful negotiations
  • Productive cooperation

    Making employees master negotiation skills helps to distribute responsibilities and reach company goals
How the course goes
We know the effort it takes to get employees trained. That is why we designed Evolve App with game mechanics. Lessons are packed in short videos, while tasks are peppered with entertaining twist.
Employees sign up
To your company branded course
Learn the topic
Through interactive daily micro-activities
Complete assignments
And develop new skills through smart gamification
Take surveys
Collect data on employee feedback
Social intranet
Builds trust and creates stronger teams
Final results
Course summary and employee leaderboard
Get certificates
Issued after the whole course is completed
Deep data analytics
HR report with teams analytics and recommendations


The course is divided into small bits with daily tasks, taking a few minutes to keep employees engaged

Social interaction

Employees communicate, collaborate and progress together, even sharing their answers with other co-workers

The course program consists of 6 modules,
each with practical assignments

In every module participants learn useful theory via daily video lessons, as well as complete tasks and exercises to develop new soft skills. Obligatory tasks must be completed before moving on to the next module. This high-stakes format ensures your full commitment and dedication, pushing you to make the most of every opportunity for growth.

14 days
Online, flexible schedule
Take at your own pace
25 lessons
Short video lessons
make it easy to learn new
9 tasks
Develop new skills and
implement them right away

Give employees the tools to build rapport, establish productive relationships within teams, with partners and clients, and to deliver persuasive and engaging pitches, that achieve business results

Empower your teams

Who is this course for?
  • Juniors

    Starting their careers, looking to develop interpersonal relationships within teams

  • Customer-facing positions

    Team members, who work in sales,

    marketing or customer service

  • Team-leads

    Whose success depends on managing people through communication and attitude


Meet the course author

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and take your negotiation skills to unprecedented heights

Moty Cristal
Professional negotiator, Professor
Professional negotiator, provides his services in negotiations to biggest companies world-wide, consulting sales people, entrepreneurs, CEOs and senior government officials. Has extensive operational experience varying from deal-making negotiations, including start-ups investment and marketing processes, cross-cultural business disputes to business and national crisis management. Lectures worldwide.

Certificate of completion

Certificates are issued to all participants, that have completed the course, acknowledging the development of the subject skills

The platform provides HR and L&D experts with detailed analytics on the effectiveness of each course, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.

User-friendly L&D admin panel and comprehensive analytics

Detailed training report provided after each course

An in-depth analysis of each course effectiveness, valuable insights on your employees' strengths and weaknesses, and overall recommendations, all prepared by our Learning & Development experts.

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What our customers say
We've asked our corporate clients to share their feedback
Afzal Rabi'a
HR Manager
Our team takes courses and trainings constantly, but this time I was impressed by the easy and gamified process, useful content and the level of detail. This course has practice cases so you may be sure it's not just theory. I can recommended the course for other teams.
Leni Nawra
Managing Director

Our team is not big yet, however we assigned the course for sales and marketing team, following-up with the rest of the departments. The content has lots of video lessons and fun movie cuts to demonstrate examples. Thank you.

Lene Lisa
HR Manager
Overall experience is good - this is an engaging course, lots of video and fun episodes from movies, practical assignments and no need to push the training. Negotiation skills are crucial for all teams, so highly recommend
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