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When emotions run high, they change the way our brains function, diminishing our basic cognitive abilities, decision-making powers, and even our interpersonal skills.

That is why even the most talented people can underperform when faced with triggering relationships, changes or high-stakes projects.

Welcome to this online course
dedicated to emotional intelligence!

Employees will learn to proactively respond rather than react and demonstrate the empathy and care for their team members, developing a healthy workspace

  • Managing emotions

    Learn to recognize, understand and manage own emotions, as well as emotions of other people

  • Productive cooperation
    Apply the core emotional intelligence competencies
    to achieve results in the business environment
  • Building trust
    The ability to empathize with the emotions of others will establish trust and respect within teams
  • Effective leadership

    Strategies and tools for developing empathy, coaching others, improving self-awareness and self-management

  • Conflict management and stress management
    Recognise why some conflict is to be expected and why it is a part of healthy relationships
  • Communication

    Learn to hear, be present and communicate effectively with compassion and empathy
How the course goes
We know the effort it takes to get employees trained. That is why we designed Evolve App with game mechanics. Lessons are packed in short videos, while tasks are peppered with entertaining twist.
Employees sign up
To your company branded course
Learn the topic
Through interactive daily micro-activities
Complete assignments
And develop new skills through smart gamification
Take surveys
Collect data on employee feedback
Social intranet
Builds trust and creates stronger teams
Final results
Course summary and employee leaderboard
Get certificates
Issued after the whole course is completed
Deep data analytics
HR report with teams analytics and recommendations


The course is divided into small bits with daily tasks, taking a few minutes to keep employees engaged

Social interaction

Employees communicate, collaborate and progress together, even sharing their answers with other co-workers

The course program consists of 7 modules,
each with practical assignments

In every module participants learn useful theory via daily video lessons, as well as complete tasks and exercises to develop new soft skills. Obligatory tasks must be completed before moving on to the next module. This high-stakes format ensures your full commitment and dedication, pushing you to make the most of every opportunity for growth.

10 days
Online, flexible schedule
Take at your own pace
22 lessons
Daily short video lessons
make it easy to learn new
9 tasks
Develop new skills and
implement them right away
Give employees the strategies to recognize and manage their emotions, respond usefully to the emotions of others, and improve personal effectiveness and team performance.
Empower your teams
Who is this course for?
  • Teams

    Who want to better manage their own emotions, strengths, and skills

  • Junior Managers

    Starting their careers, looking to develop interpersonal relationships within teams

  • Team-leads

    Whose success depends on managing people through communication and attitude

Certificate of completion
Certificates are issued to all participants, that have completed the course, acknowledging the development of the subject skills

The platform provides HR and L&D experts with detailed analytics on the effectiveness of each course, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.

User-friendly L&D admin panel and comprehensive analytics

Detailed training report provided after each course

An in-depth analysis of each course effectiveness, valuable insights on your employees' strengths and weaknesses, and overall recommendations, all prepared by our Learning & Development experts.

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What our customers say
We've asked our corporate clients to share their feedback
Dennis Tzrjak
Business Development Manager
I highly recommend to take this 10-days course of developing EQ. The course provides a comprehensive overview of the key principles of emotional intelligence and gives effective tools to manage emotions, turning them for the good. Following completion of this course, we are continuing with the other courses in the development track.
Claudia Mendez
Easy process, useful content, no need to push teams. I was impressed by the level of detail in the course material, as well as the opportunities for hands-on practice that helped solidify the new information. The engaging mechanics and interesting, well-thought content make this course highly recommended for other teams.
N. Khalid
Managing Director

This course was so much fun and informative. I appreciate how transparent and supportive Evolve team was through this entire process. This course was assigned for the whole company, incl juniors and senior management and it was the right decision. Thank you.

Tobias Bauer
HR Manager
We haven't tried anything similar before, just some corporate trainings on safety and integrity, but obviously this didn't give a room for development. Overall experience was good - no work distraction, engaging and really useful material, actually no need to push the training. EQ is essential in every workspace, so highly recommend
Asim Damira
HR Manager
Our company is of 34 employees, I assigned the course for each of us. It was an interesting experience, we enjoyed both: emotional intelligence and conflict management courses. Easy to learn, engaging, lots of tools to put in practice right away. The team has enjoyed the course and I see positive influence for the workspace. So thank you, I can recommend the course to others.
Compliment the course
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