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conflict management

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Your people bring different perspectives and knowledge to your team, improving problem solving and performance. But difference can sometimes lead to conflict.
Welcome to this online course
dedicated to conflict management!

Employees will learn how to navigate conflicts together, developing stronger relationships

and contributing to a more resilient and high-performing organization

  • Conflict management
    Learn to handle conflicts and defuse tense situations with colleagues, addressing their emotions and concerns
  • Critical thinking

    Develop critical thinking to make informed decisions, solve complex problems, and identify potential risks

  • Emotional intelligence
    Practice facilitating a challenging conversation that maintains civility and fosters positive outcomes
  • Building trust
    Being willing to address conflict openly requires trust from each side to deal effectively and resolve
  • Stress management
    Strategies and tools to manage own feelings, creating a safe environment to reach an agreement
  • Productive cooperation
    Navigate through a conflict in order to achieve a satisfactory solution where both parties feel valued
How the course goes
We know the effort it takes to get employees trained.
That is why we designed Evolve app with game mechanics. A TikTok with educational content.
Lessons are packed in short videos, while tasks
are peppered with entertaining twist.
The course is divided into small bits with daily tasks, taking a few minutes to keep employees engaged

Employees communicate, collaborate and progress together, even sharing their answers with other co-workers
Social interaction
Employees sign up
To your company branded course
Learn the topic
Through interactive daily micro-activities
Complete assignments
And develop new skills through smart gamification
Take surveys
Collect data on employee feedback
Social intranet
Builds trust and creates stronger teams
Final results
Course summary and employee leaderboard
Get certificates
Issued after the whole course is completed
Deep data analytics
HR report with teams analytics and recommendations

The course program consists of 7 modules,
each with practical assignments

In every module participants learn useful theory via daily video lessons, as well as complete tasks and exercises to develop new soft skills. Obligatory tasks must be completed before moving on to the next module. This high-stakes format ensures your full commitment and dedication, pushing you to make the most of every opportunity for growth.

14 days
Course runs online
Pass it when convenient
19 lessons
Daily short video lessons
make it easy to learn new
14 tasks
Develop new skills and
implement them right away
Provide your teams with the skills to identify triggers and assumptions that lead to misunderstandings, along with strategies for navigating these situations, negotiating, and preventing conflicts.
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Who is this course for?
  • Teams and departments

    Who work independently or remotely and feel lack of involvement

  • Junior and Middle Managers

    New to their role, or with experience

    but little previous training

  • Team-leads

    Who manage a team of employees or is in charge of processes and departments

Meet the course author
Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the best in the industry and take your communication skills to unprecedented heights

Ekaterina Podoprigora
Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer
Expert in corporate conflict resolutions, has a private practice of individual and group consulting.

Leadership development, business trainings, organizational development, personnel assessment programs, business and leadership skills development, coaching and facilitation. Has an extensive experience in project management.

Has conducted over 1000 training programs and consulting projects in EU, USA, Canada and CIS.
Certificate of completion
Certificates are issued to all participants, that have completed the course, acknowledging the development of the subject skills
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What our customers say
We've asked our corporate clients to share their feedback
Alice N. Ross
HR manager
We assigned the conflict management within teams course for the whole company. I was impressed by how thorough the information was, as well as by the amount of practice that as a result allowed to capture the new information. Great content, engaging mechanics. I would recommend this course to other teams.
Andrew Busch
HR Business Partner
I strongly recommend to pass this intensive 2 weeks course to the teams that work on strategic projects, like our team did. This course gave us a thorough overview of main principles of conflict less and effective cooperation, allowing to practice on the go. We now continue with the other courses to complete the development track.
Celia Lawrence
Senior Project Manager

We have assigned this course to the team of 11 to increase collaboration and workplace satisfaction. Conflicts is not something that we face often, but there might be different views like in any team, so this course allowed us to learn and practice managing any disagreements effectively. We specifically enjoyed the practical assignments and chat communication. This was an exciting 2 weeks journey! Strongly recommend this course.

Amie Mercado
Sales Manager
We took the course as a part of 2023 employees development program. The goal was to make collaboration more comfortable, build trust and learn how to manage conflicts. The team and I passed the course together. We enjoyed the format: daily 5-10 min video with exciting tasks that allow you practicing right away.
Dennis Acosta
HR Manager
I thank the lecturer for this exciting, intensive and highly useful course. It was easy and fun to learn. The team liked the engaging assignments that put the new knowledge to practice right away.
Hamzah Welch
Well-equipped course, lot's of practical assignments, ability to chat and discuss material with each other. I didn't expect to get so many insights on each team member. Our team enjoyed passing the course together.
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