Introducing The Evolve App - A platform for managing corporate sport challenges
Energize and activate teams within your organization
Foster wellbeing and collaboration with corporate sport challenges
The key to a healthy and productive workforce
Boost wellbeing: Promote health, keep teams active
Improve teamwork: Enhance overall collaboration
Foster productivity: Inspire for a better performance
Try your team in a challenge
Challenges are designed to bring teams together and make an effort towards new achievements.
Select from various sports and activities
Stay inspired and learn new
Enroll in team challenges or create your own
Complete daily assignments to stay in the challenge
Communicate, support and share progress
In addition to sport challenges,
the Evolve App provides ready-to-use
courses on nutrition and wellbeing.
It empowers your teams to enhance overall health and wellbeing, fostering a vibrant and productive work environment.
Involve employees in a healthier lifestyle
We know the effort it takes to
encourage physical activity
That is why we designed The Evolve App to keep your teams engaged and motivated, ensuring a healthier and happier work environment
By leveraging these tools and incorporating gamification elements, The Evolve App ensures that challenges are not only beneficial, but also enjoyable, leading to higher wellbeing rates and a more engaged workforce.

In other words...
Structured user journey
Create or select a challenge
Chat and communication
Tasks and assignments
Wellbeing promotion
Interactive micro-activities
Awards and achievements
Admin panel allows to track challenge progress in real-time. It's a powerful tool for identifying engaged employees and areas needing motivation, simplifying the management and evaluation of challenges.
User-friendly admin panel and comprehensive analytics
Evolve App features
Evolve app is developed to maximize experience
Ready-to-use challenges that fit user goals and ambitions
Challenges library
Remain involved and stay motivated on your way
Capture news and get inspiration from challenge feeds
News feed
Push notifications
Photos, videos, check-lists, tests and questionnaries
Various task formats
Rely on individual approach based on user progress
Adaptive content
Communicate and support each other while gaining results
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